January 30, 2010

New Deadline

New Deadline arose from the ashes of Scenic Beauty in 2005 as a new bassist joined in as part of the gang. After the band's new inception New Deadline has since grown to be one of the finest names in the Finnish underground scene. When asked, the guys bounce back and forth with how to describe their sound. "Passionate", says the drummer, Eemeli. "Energetic", says the guitarist, Matu. "Stop & Go –rock", says the bassist, Lauri. "Melancholy, kind of", says the vocalist, Jonas. However, they all agree on the fact that New Deadline sounds nothing like the basic dark bands that Finland is usually known of.


According to the members, if New Deadline came alive, it would be something big and visually rich, maybe not a colour circus but still very colourful in a way; definitely something that makes you go "Wow!" Matu mentions that Jonas once stated out in an interview that the band is very comparable to a city rabbit. "I thought it was pretty incisive", he says.

A rabbit in a city, moulded for centuries by breeders, still retains the basic characteristics of its wild cousin. City rabbits in Helsinki are determined and ambitious and very hard to get rid of. Lately they've even started to spread by jumping on random trains and pickup trucks to hide from the cold weather and jump off at a whole other city; ironically enough, a lot of them are hitching a ride from Helsinki to Lahti.

Enough about the rabbits though, but New Deadline surely shares the same determined and ambitious attitude. The band has had the privilege to share the stage with many bands such as LostAlone and Funeral For a Friend. It's only fair to say that also their influences are mostly originated from across the seas. The guys still seem very humble and sweet and the atmosphere is relaxed, they behold a perfect esprit de corps, so to say.

They're congenial and that may even reflect on their music. "Sometimes while composing we may think about the same trick in the same part of the same song", Jonas says and Eemeli continues where Jonas left off: "We've learned to compose songs in a way that each of us knows what we all think fits with certain things."

Lauri says they're too shy to talk a lot off stage and that may come off as rude behaviour. "We're not rude people, we're quite polite", Matu says. The reverse of this can be seen on stage. "Sure we sit here like this but once we get on stage we kind of let loose", Eemeli says and Jonas agrees: "We have different personas on stage than we do here." "But whatever isn't said off stage unravels on stage", Matu says and the rest of the guys agree. "We're always having fun and whatever we do we do with twinkly eyes."


The whole band thinks that what makes music good in general, is simple the vibe. "I think it's quite a cliché but that's just how it is", Lauri says. Jonas says he has gotten attached to lyrics lately when Eemeli in the other hand has gotten attached with the
feeling created by instruments. "The fact that you don't even need the lyrics to create a certain feeling is amazing to me" Eemeli adds. Lately he's been listening to a lot of post-rock and instrumental. "The versatile sort of instrumental but still the kind that beholds the rock sound. God Is An Astronaut has been a great one lately as well as Moving Mountains and underOATH."

Matu says that lately he hasn't been listening to those usual favourites that could be categorized to the same category with New Deadline. "I used to listen to underOATH a lot but now I've started to listen to a lot of just plain party music; from Lady GaGa to anything that's on NRJ. I don't know why but this is just a phase I'm experiencing now."
Jonas is experiencing a pop rock –phase. "I like Katy Perry so much", he says and Matu nods. "I've been getting the vibes from certain lyricists lately; such as Bright Eyes and Brand New. Biffy Clyro's new album has presented a whole new side of the band. So in general it had been pop and rock quite a lot, I haven't listened to metal for a long time", he sums up.
"I've been listening to any songs that sound good to me", Lauri says. "I tend not to pick a certain genre. Of course there are certain favourites that I listen to more than the other ones; Killers and Gaslight Anthem are great and I also like electro."

In general their demands for their own music and the music by their favourites are quite the same. "I look for the certain vibe with other's work as well as ours", Lauri says. Jonas mentions that some lyricists even affect on his lyrical output. "When listening to a lot of the work of certain lyricists of course you want to move to the same direction as they do but not to copy the exact same thing." He says that sometimes even single words fuel the inspiration in his writing process. "Like yesterday I had a certain word and the feeling that I need to write a song about the word."

Inspiration comes in many forms. Eemeli says that he usually gets inspired sitting behind the drums; "I don't rehearse a lot by myself but once I sit behind the drums I usually come up with new tricks that feel good and can be a big benefit later on; a spark, so to say." Matu says he mostly gets inspired by time. "It might sound boring but when I have the time to do something and I start doing it the inspiration just comes by itself."

New Deadline seems to think that the importance of music lays in the way it arises feelings. There are so many different types of music that there's something for everyone. "In the eyes of art even a photograph or a play… it arises feelings so it's easy to hold on to." Jonas nods; sounds like a cliché but I believe that's just how it is."


Later during the night, I watch the huge, colourful city rabbit get on stage. The rabbit is so fierce and full of confidence that all of their earlier parables are starting to make sense.

If New Deadline came alive they'd most definitely be something huge; I can't help but to think that even though the band masters the smaller venue quite well, maybe a huge sold out arena would make the experience complete.

If New Deadline came alive they also wouldn't be a colour circus, I can agree on that. They'd be something kind of dark but not in a depressing way; maybe a black painting with occasional colourful ink splotchs bending over the canvas from one corner to the other, forming a pattern; an entity that does indeed come off as passionate and energetic.

Text: Joanna Tzortzis
Photography: Nelly Tatti