October 04, 2010

Featured: Ocean Within

Finnish progressive metalcore band, Ocean Within, has made a public announcement of their recent line-up changes. Read further to see the official release from the band, as well as a picture of the current line-up.
After almost two years of being a band, Ocean Within came to the decision to part ways with their singer Juho Tommila, and move on into new ways in our music. Their former bass player/backing vocalist Thomas Braun has moved from behind the four strings to the front of the band, and from now on will be focusing on the vocals. "We are also happy to introduce our new bass player Santeri Siirtonen, who will absolutely be making a great effort on our new stuff. Juho's leaving was our mutual decision, and we will still remain as friends and brothers. This will be a start of an new era, and you can expect hearing from us later this year!" the band states on their official announcement.
It's been a long run from the debut demo "Spells of Coming" (2009) and the countless hours of training and the kilometres from playing shows all over Finland have made their sound to stand on a whole new ground with their latest seven track EP, "Leaders".
The EP stands on two main things, it's way more technical and way more melodic than the previous release. The 2009 demo gained lots of good reviews and these promising youngsters -currently from the age range of 15 - 19- will now have the real test of what they are capable of! For now, let the future unfold...