February 03, 2011

LIVE! Bring Me The Horizon

The UK head bangers Bring Me the Horizon was always going to be a hit with the kids who can’t get enough of their pin-up image. Despite the icon status carried by their lead vocalist Oliver Sykes, they prove their talent and uniqueness with their latest album and they have brought two bands on tour with them providing more of the same along for the ride that is this tour; The Devil Wears Prada and Architects –powerful, raising and predictable?

Though the show was promoted with Bring Me The Horizon as the headlining act, the other bands didn’t exactly leave the crowd cold either. As all the acts represented more or less the same genre, they seemed equal among their peers as well as among their supporters.

Bring Me The Horizon kicks off their set with the outro part of Anthem which is instantly followed by It Never Ends, both from their latest album. The crowd is immediately drawn into their charismatic live presence. Love them or hate them it’s plain to see that they have become more than just an irritant to the haters; they’ve established they’re here to stay, no questions asked. Whether or not most of their so called “fans” know any of the chanted lines of songs or take any notice of any member except the front man Oliver Sykes is debatable; the band still tears into their hits, sending the crowd 10 inches off the ground.

The crowd that has already broke free during the warm up acts turns completely uncontrollable once Bring Me The Horizon takes the stage. Despite the shouting delivery of the lyrics, that is so essential to metalcore, the kids sing their hearts out to the music. The energy is unbelievable as the crowd runs around the pit, jumps, moshes, crowd surfs and does anything to get the bands attention or the opportunity to slap Sykes’ hand in the front row.

Their set is mostly put together of songs from the new album There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There’s A Heaven, Let’s Keep It A Secret with a few tracks of the previous output Suicide Season. The biggest plus of their set is its variability; it shows off not only the finest of their metal tunes, but also hints of electronica and dubstep. Little details, such as Sam Carter, the lead vocalist of Architects visiting the stage during The Sadness Will Never End keep the set interesting and the crowd in need to follow through.

Even though Bring Me The Horizon may have already ‘made it’ and know their way around the scene, they know their status is something to work for and play a very tight metal act. And this is coming from a band that makes the crowd do four wall of deaths straight just because they seem to want them to do it right. If I had a tip for the band it’d be this; keep the variety, keep the alternatives around, keep putting together different styles, keep colliding genres into each other, keep experimenting things that are unusual for metalcore bands, keep being a trendsetter. Some people might hate you for it, but this is also your biggest advantage.

Anthem @ Tape [Outro part]
It Never Ends
Chelsea Smile
Alligator Blood
The Sadness Will Never End w/ Sam Carter of Architects
Crucify Me
Football Season Is Over w/ Tonn Piper of Tek-One, Intro: After The Night Remix
Blessed With A Curse
Diamonds Aren't Forever

Text: Joanna Tzortzis
Photography: Jana Blomqvist