January 01, 2013

Join us

Want to be a part of us? John Doe is continuously looking for more people to our volunteer group. If you are interested in joining our awesome staff, send us an example of your work to joanna@johndoerevolution.com! If you think you have enough passion towards culture and you want to share this with the rest of the world, then we almost certainly will have a spot open for you. 

You will get 
  • Access to loads of promotional music.
  • Free admittance to numerous live shows.
  • The possibility of interviewing some of your favorite musicians.
  • Invaluable journalistic experience.

We're looking for
  • Interviewers (face to face, via phone, via e-mail)
  • Critics (live music, album releases)
  • Writers (articles, other)
  • Photographers (outside of Finland)
  • Translators (from Finnish to English)
  • Online PR (social medias etc.)

We don't care about
  • Your education. You can be a brilliant writer without ever have studied journalism.
  • Your age. You can be as young or old as you'd like as long as you're good at what you do.
  • Your location. As long as there's culture, you can tag along.

We do care about:
  • English (or Finnish, will be translated) skills are required.
  • Your dedication. Please do not say you're going to contribute if you're not.
  • Your passion. This is a happy place where we want to bring out the best in music today and spread the love.
  • Your initiative. Please be a part of our staff discussions and be excited about the website we're creating together. We are.

Sounds like something you'd like to be a part of? E-mail  joanna@johndoerevolution.com. We'll talk.